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If you don’t want to keep checking back here, but would rather be notified when new entries are posted, you need to follow a couple of simple steps, outlined nicely here. Basically you need to download a news reader and then click on the RSS “Subscribe” icon in the right column of this blog’s page. Then when you consult your reader, you’ll see what’s new from every blog to which you subscribe.

If you’d rather be notified by e-mail when there’s a new post, then here’s that option also:
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  1. Andy Rowell

    I use Google Reader ( on my iGoogle home page ( to follow blogs though I saw today Tony Morgan ( recommending Bloglines Beta ( or the original Bloglines (

    After you start subscribing to blogs, check out my newly updated list of Best 80 Blogs for Church Leaders ( I have many of the “if you liked John Stackhouse, you’ll probably like . . . ”

    I’m a Regent College MDiv grad.

    Greetings to John and all,


    Andy Rowell
    Doctor of Theology Student
    Duke Divinity School


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