3 Geniuses on Vacation

George Steiner, the literary critic, Wynton Marsalis, the celebrated trumpeter, and Doug Gilmour, the Hall-of-Fame hockey player, walk into a bar. The bartender looks up, takes stock of the situation, and asks, “What’s this? Some kind of joke?” It is … Continued

Religion and Politics: Which Is Master? Which Is Servant?

Religion and politics keep intersecting, at home and abroad. Too often, of course, the combination raises questions…and hackles. It should instead raise hope. It’s bad enough when people’s religion isn’t strong enough to overcome more basic drives: nationalism, for instance, … Continued

The Big “What’s Next”

“I’ve been studying religion for years, and I’m still not confident I know what happens after we die.” This rueful admission comes from Dr. Henry McCord, the husband of Téa Leoni’s eponymous character on her recently concluded TV series Madam Secretary. … Continued