Let’s First Get a Few Things Straight

Understandably, the early Christian church was persecuted by the ancient Romans for practicing incest and cannibalism.

At least, that’s what someone might have thought Christians were doing if he or she had only bits and pieces of Christian lore to go on: Christians giving “holy kisses” to “brothers and sisters” (in the Lord) and then eating and drinking a body and blood (of Christ, in the bread and wine).

Alas, Christians are denounced still today by people who are confident they know what Christians believe and practice, but who clearly don’t. Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens long traded in half-understood fragments of Christianity throughout their popular writings. So have top comedians, such as Ricky Gervais and Sarah Silverman.

These are all smart people. And other smart people are thus inspired to practice their own versions of half-baked and caustic drollery at Christianity’s expense. On this Easter weekend, for example, my Facebook feed was adorned by this sparkle of wit:

“Jesus suffered on Friday and was raised again on Sunday. All that means is that he took a weekend off to save the world. C’mon, Christians: You’re not even trying!”

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