"Screw You" Evangelism

Here are some reflections on a recent irritating case of “street evangelism” in Toronto that, so far as I can see, doesn’t further the gospel and instead merely hands ammunition to all the little Richard Dawkins wannabes out there…

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  1. Jeff Loach

    That’s a good article, John. I wonder if many who engage in this kind of ‘Molotov Cocktail’ evangelism simply don’t *know* to do otherwise? As you say, “It’s our duty,” etc., but is their culture such that nothing else will do? To be sure, most who take up this kind of faith-sharing would not be equipped to apologize for the faith with your ability (or that of some other equally gifted apologists and writers), so perhaps it’s their only tool.

    Not that this makes it any better or more effective, of course. But we don’t see many people with more than a high school education doing street evangelism. (That’s not politically correct, I know, fellow reader, so prove to me that it ain’t true.) Is education – good theological education, from college/seminary, pulpit and Sunday school classroom/small group living room – a possible antidote to brick-lobbing for Jesus?

    Just wonderin’.

  2. Ryan

    Great article, John. I particularly like this statement:

    “We can all sense pretty quickly the difference between someone generously offering us a gift and someone using us to score points.”

    In my experience, people’s radar is very well tuned to this crucial difference. Nobody likes to be seen as a potential notch on someone’s evangelism belt. This story out of Toronto is a good reminder to keep doing the theological work to help people understand evangelism as gift giving as opposed to scoring points.

    (I like the title of your post better than the NP article :))

  3. David Alexander

    It makes it really hard to like the fact that just maybe the Gospel is being preached even we we distain the method…But this goes too far.

    No wonder Christians get a bad name. I too wish those who feel this is good judgement would just stop it…

  4. Josh Mueller

    Linda at “kingdom grace” has a good series with probing questions on Christian marketing strategies right now. Her blog can be found here:


    I think what needs to be discussed more is not only obnoxious manners of trying to spread the gospel but also a general disregard towards people in evangelistic attempts of both the past and present. If human beings are seen as nothing but objects of a conversion agenda, we need not be surprised that less and less people show up or show interest, even when invited in a much more pleasant manner.

    I would dare to say that at the root is a deficient understanding of the gospel itself and what it means to show love to people.

  5. Shannon

    Mr Stackhouse I have sent you a letter in regard to this!…But I am Quite Shocked at Your “comment” !.. You say Your a Christian?.. have you read the part of the bible the gospel of matthew 7:16, You will know them by their fruits!..

    My Dear Sir

    Steert Evangelism.. is the best way to witness to people who do not Know Jesus as their Personal Savior!… I do not know why you are picking on Christians? but believe me when I say this YOU WILL STAND BEFORE GOD ALMIGHTY AND GIVE A ACCOUNT FOR WHAT YOU DID OR DID’MT DO!!!.. To Give you some advice seek out the Lord and ask HIS forgiveness!.. for if you don’t… well you know what will happen!

  6. Shannon

    Also for the Threads I have on read this blog..Christians have always got a bad rap.. from every one!!.. from the dawn of time itself!… but believe me folks when I say Judgement day is Coming!!!… and those who Mock Christians Mock GOD ALMIGHTY TOO!… I would Strongly Suggest to the people that posted their thoughts on this web blog..seek out GOD before It Is To Late!…

  7. Ron

    Preach it, Shannon! Prof Stackhouse, you are guilty of approaching this issue with far too much common sense, for which the God Shannon and I worship would surely be displeased. Surely the Lord looks with disfavor upon winsome evangelism, and will reserve the most severe punishment for the cowards who refuse to browbeat the infidel.


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