What We Can Learn from Easter 2018

write this on Good Friday 2018, but I could have written something like it on any day, any year. For the more some things change, it seems, the more they stay the same.

Good Friday 2018 comes after news story upon news story about great and damaging wickedness in high places: the most eminent of government offices, the most powerful of corporate suites, and the most famous of churches. But the high and mighty have always traded in subterfuge, abuse, manipulation, oppression, propaganda, profligacy, adultery, and murder.

Good Friday 2018 comes after a string of heart-breaking stories of huge populations of misery in Yemen/Syria/Myanmar/China/Afghanistan/Sudan/North Korea/South Africa. Awful stories, each one. Yet famine, war, disease, exile, genocide—they all go back to the dawn of human culture.

Good Friday 2018 comes after longing for a political saviour is being disappointed all around the world. Prime ministers and presidents elected on a tide of hope seem much less charming and much less competent, much more interested in themselves than in those they promised to help. Tech wizards who promised to bring us together have increased our mutual suspicion to the point of paranoia. And entertainers who brought us delight now bring us horror, disgust, and contempt. But all that’s different nowadays is the speed and vividness of the revelations.

The Easter Story deals with matters at a gigantic symbolic level. The leaders of God’s chosen people, who flattered themselves as being representatives of righteousness, and officials of the greatest empire on earth, who flattered themselves as being representatives of law and order, conspire viciously and illegally to rid themselves of the Lord of All in a gruesome spectacle of degradation, torture, and death.

Thus, however, it has ever been. Power has always resisted and killed what it could not colonize and co-opt.

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