A Good Book on a Terrible Subject: Cancer

I won’t recommend books often on this blog, but I want to recommend this one: Cancer: A Medical and Spiritual Guide for Patients and Their Families. Written by an oncologist, Dr. William Fintel, and a theologian and pastor, Dr. Gerald McDermott, the book offers a wealth of information and wisdom about traversing this awful terrain.

I recommend it second-hand, as it were. My late father, Dr. John Stackhouse, was a cancer surgeon and also a church elder and Bible teacher. My mother, Dr. Yvonne Stackhouse, has been a literature teacher and historian and–quite to the point–is a cancer survivor. Their joint testimony has been that this is the single best book of the many they have read on cancer.

The book has been through several editions with several publishers. Baker has it now, but they have done little to promote it. So I’ll do what little I can here. If you or someone you know is walking through the valley of the shadow of cancer, get them this book. And spread the word. When you’re dealing with cancer, you need all the help you can get.

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  1. Andy Rowell

    Thanks for the recommendation and recommending books is a great thing on the blog I think. I try to put stuff on the blog when people ask me a question twice. If I have talked about the subject twice with people, I figure there are other people out there who might be helped. Thanks.


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