A New Year

I’m glad to be back. Thanks for the kind notes of encouragement as I took a little time off to enjoy Advent and, during some of that time, to reflect on blogging.

I come back to this space with no big insights, just a determination to keep trying to provide good quality reading for you and a place for opinions and facts to be shared courteously, vigorously, and passionately.

I hope more of you will consider participating in the comments, even if only to encourage other writers in what they say: encouragement is not in oversupply on most blogs. I hope you’ll energetically refer friends to this blog. And I hope more of you will enjoy what you read here enough to move on to my books—to which I have devoted considerable effort and whose publishers would be gratified by better sales!

All right, then: Back to it. Happy New Year, everyone.

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  1. gingoro

    Very good to see you back!!! IMO blogs and popular/semi popular books in a professors area of expertise should in some part count towards a part of their job responsibility for research and publishing. Educating the layman to some extent at least should be considered important as well as teaching students.

    Sometime I would like to hear your thoughts on the meaning of the term evangelical. It appears that the term is being claimed by those that we would have called fundamentalists twenty or thirty plus years ago. I suspect this is, in part at least, occurring because the media have made the term fundamentalist a dirty word. To some extant I no longer consider myself an evangelical, not that my beliefs have changed but due to the slow change in meaning of the term.
    Dave W

  2. poetreehugger

    I’m so glad your blog is back! “Good quality reading” is what I keep returning to this blog for, and I appreciate and admire your continual efforts to share facts and opinions “courteously, vigorously, and passionately”, which sometimes seems a superhuman effort depending on your commentors.

  3. Jeff Kimble

    Welcome back! And yes, you were missed. I look forward to your incisive commentary. ‘ Hope your respite was refreshing.

  4. Jeff Loach

    Happy new year, John…and welcome back. Glad you have seen fit to continue contributing good thinking to the blogosphere!


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