A Prayer for Every Day

This last month, while venturing hither (vacationing in the Okanagan Valley) and yon (working in Sydney, Australia), I have been paging slowly through a splendid collection of the spiritual writings of Alexander Men (1935-1990), the astonishing Russian Orthodox pastor, teacher, and martyr, translated fluently by Christa Belyaeva and edited sensitively by one of our alumnae, April French.

Here is a prayer he composed for Lent (what the Orthodox call “Great Lent”), but it’s a fine prayer for any and every day:

I believe, Lord;

Establish my faith.

I hope in you, Lord;

Strengthen my hope.

I have loved you, Lord;

Purify my love and kindle it.

I am broken, Lord;

But increase my repentance.

I honour You, Lord, my Creator;

I groan for you and call on you.

Direct me by Your wisdom;

Protect me and strengthen me.

I surrender my intentions to You, my God;

May they come from You.

May my deeds be done in your name

And my desires in your will.

Enlighten my mind, strengthen my will;

Purify my body, sanctify my soul.

May I see my transgressions,

That I may not stumble in pride;

Help me to overcome temptation.

May I glorify You

All the days of this life you have given to me.



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