A Really Good Love Song (Hey: Theologians Get Romantic, Too…)

Buddy Steve Bell, songwriter/singer/guitarpicker extraordinaire, recently posted some wise marital advice and one of the best love songs I’ve ever heard at his website here. Congratulations, Steve and Nanci, on 28 years of marriage!

(Steve’s Juno Award-winning album, Romantics & Mystics, features this song. You should buy it.)

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  1. Hannah

    Thanks for sharing Steve’s beautiful song and encouraging blog!

  2. poserorprophet

    Well now, I don’t know… here’s a love song that gives Steve Bell’s song a run for its money:

    More seriously, this is probably my favourite love song at the moment:

    (Hey, if theologians can get romantic, they can also get a little down and dirty too, right?)

  3. John Stackhouse

    Um, Dan, it’s a good thing you’re good at some things because when it comes to music recommendations…sheesh. A bit of silly cynicism, okay, but the Most Overrated Rock and Roll Band in the World as your serious recommendation? We need to talk…

  4. poserorprophet

    Does that talk include some “coke and sympathy”?

    Also, U2 is actually the most overrated Rock and Roll Band in the World (Bono is to music what Oprah is to television).

    But, really, I was just trying to go with a band that might remind you of your youth…

    • John Stackhouse

      Fair enough: I’ll go with a tie between the Stones (Previously Most Overrated) and U2 (For Some Time Most Overrated), if you will.

      My youth? How about the Imperials? Or Andrae Crouch? Or, when I was finally 16 and got wild, Larry Norman and Randy Stonehill? None of that Worldly Music in my youth, bub.

  5. poserorprophet

    Larry Norman?? Shoot, now I’m having flashbacks to my ‘no listening to secular music’ early teen years!

    ‘The Great American Novel’ is the first song I remember listening to that was explicitly political and challenging of the status quo. I remember it rocking my world.

    • John Stackhouse

      There you go: two careers working the nexus of Christianity and public life launched by Larry Norman. That song startled me out of “Christianity = Quiet Time + Evangelism + Church” also!

  6. Henry Cullihall

    Love..Hmm This is a Love Song for my favorite island.

    Warm Summer’s Day


  7. Ian

    Hi John,

    You mean better advice than I will get from NBC’s new show “The Marriage Ref”. It is about time celebrities gave marriage advice… they have so much experience.

    Watching the Olympics and seeing the other shows being advertised reminds me why we don’t normally watch TV.

    Hope all is well in Olympic land,



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