American Evangelicals and Politics

I discuss a number of recent books by American evangelicals on politics in Christianity Today magazine here. I also take some time to reflect on more general questions of how Christian faith properly interacts with political engagement

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  1. Ted Wilcox

    I started reading “Making the Best of It” recently and just read your CT piece. You (and evidently some of the authors mentioned) are articulating what I believe is a wiser, more realistic, approach to politics than is currently practiced by many evangelicals.

    Last weekend some of us in Calgary listened to some of the same themes at a “Wilberforce Weekend” held in a local church and run by the Manning Centre. Preston Manning (former Leader of the Opposition in Canadian parliament and an evangelical, for those who might not know) drew lessons from the methods used by Wilberforce as he fought against the British slave trade 200 years ago. He told how Wilberforce began the campaign carefully and respectfully, without unduly raising the ire of a hostile parliament. In the end, slavery came to an end through persistence, prayer–AND political chicanery!


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