Best Hallowe'en Costumes Ever?

We take a brief break from our usual seriousness to ask this timely, topical question: What’s the best Hallowe’en costume you’ve ever worn?

Define “best” any way you want (most witty; most hideous; most likely to get you a kiss by the evening’s end; most spiritual). And, if you simply must, you can describe someone else’s instead. But special kudos if it’s your own you describe.


We went to a theme costume party to which we were to come as a famous hero or heroine. I was deep in my Ph.D. program in those days (always risky to ask such people to any party) and so, in a complete break from my normal pattern (see above re being in deep in my Ph.D. program), I put on blue body paint, found some ersatz Oriental stuff to wear (take that, Edward Said!), and completely baffled everyone at the party.

“Am I blue?” I would sing the old jazz standard, and that helped no one guess my identity.

“I’m Krishna!” I finally announced, and sulked the rest of the evening. But it was a cool costume, I (alone) thought.

And you?

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  1. Mark Petersen

    Love your costume. It kind of sucks doesn’t it, when you have to explain what you’re wearing??

    The craziest thing I ever wore was during seminary days, a group of us dressed up like KISS, with leather pants, chains, and face paint. We went to a McDonalds and completely freaked out the customers.

  2. Richard


    Me, a couple helium electrons, a couple helium protons, a couple helium neutrons, and string-bonds to keep me from floating away.

  3. communitychaplain

    I have to reference my daughter Karli who amazes us each year with her creativity. Tonight she is a solar eclipse. Earlier this week she went to a party as a drowned person, complete with seaweed hanging from her face.

  4. John Stackhouse

    The mental image of Mark in KISS attire was troubling enough. But now we have Richard in the atomic version of a string/balloon bikini. Horrifying.

    Full marks to Karli for the drowning victim. But to be a solar eclipse, doesn’t she just have to wear a black bodysuit? Or is she manufacturing a corona to wear as well? THAT would be impressive.

  5. Kyle N

    Best, or at least the wittiest, I’ve ever heard of:

    Two roommates went dressed as a bed and breakfast. One was the bed (sheets, pillows and everything), and the other was breakfast.

  6. Ian

    Hi John,

    I won a prize in high-school when I dressed as a headless man. Even though I went to all my classes, when they announced the winner over the PA system, they didn’t know who to call down. So, the called “the headless man” to the office. No one had seen my face and I was a little taller than usual.

    This year we dressed the boys up as The Wiggles (and since we only have three, I was an honorary Wiggle.)

    That was a good day in high-school for a quasi-geek (I was never any good at chess and didn’t get invited to pro-wrestling parties).

    Have a Glorious All Saints Day,


  7. John Stackhouse

    I’m breaking my own rule here, but the wittiest costume I’ve seen this season was at our local music store. The staff were in various stock costumes, with one guy in a head kerchief, earring, eye patch, and curved sword growling, “Arrrr, matie” at everyone.

    Then I noticed that on various parts of his costumes were words such as “Napster,” “LimeWire,” “BitTorrent,” and the like.


  8. poserorprophet

    The funniest costume I’ve come across was a fellow who was completely naked with only a potato tied to his, um, privates. When asked what he was dressed up as he replied: “A dictator”.

    Of course, he won the prize for best costume.

  9. John Stackhouse

    I was already pretty sure we go to different parties, Dan (poserorprophet)–now I’m certain.

    Your story does remind me, however, of last year’s Faculty Hallowe’en Party, but I shouldn’t say more than that.

  10. humpsurf

    My proudest and saddest costume moment was when I was about 9 or 10 years old and demanded that my mom let me dress up as M.C. Hammer. She objected that the costume might not make too much sense, but I insisted.

    So, after carefully putting on my parachute pants (custom made by mom with some shiny black fabric from the fabric store) and a shiny black vest with a turtleneck underneath (mom feared I’d catch a cold with just the vest – october is cold back east!) I had the painful realization that I was, despite my elaborate costume, still very very white. To this day it surprises me, that this hadn’t at all occurred to my 10 year old mind until I had the costume on and looked in the mirror.

    I don’t think I had a single person that year ‘get’ who I was meant to be without some sort of politically correct explanation and apologies on my mom’s part.

    2 legit 2 quit I was not.

  11. dan

    Well, Dr. Stackhouse, you know you are always invited to the party. Of course, if it’s your first time, you have to fight.


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