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Woke: An Evangelical Guide
Ebook, Paperback

A brief and balanced introduction and response to the culture of "woke" for busy people.
-introduces and explains a range of key ideas, from postmodernity to political correctness, which define aspects of woke culture;
-offers Christian reflection and practical advice to parents, students, pastors, educators, policymakers, and any other concerned citizens; and
-helps faithful Christians respond to those issues with clarity, charity, vigour, and effectiveness.

Nigel Biggar, Ph.D., Regius Professor Emeritus of Moral Theology, University of Oxford

I know of no other book that explains so clearly, with so lively a pen, and with such economy the various intellectual currents that are now disturbing our cultural peace. What is even rarer is that the author grinds no axes, treating both sides of the culture wars with thoughtful charity and a deeply Christian intelligence. 'Woke' has important things to say and it does so in a highly readable manner

—Stanley Hauerwas, Ph.D., Gilbert T. Rowe Professor Emeritus of Divinity and Law, Duke University

There is no substitute for common sense and Stackhouse brims with it as this book testifies. It is a dangerous time. All the more reason to value this book.

Jessica Ann Hughes, Ph.D. Chair, Language and Literature Department George Fox University

With the precision of a historian and clarity of a philosopher, John Stackhouse’s slim volume Woke offers a tremendous resource those who want to understand what postmodernism, critical (race) theory, DEI, and even “woke” mean in both scholarly and current political contexts.

Woke resists political polarization as it outlines the origins of liberal and postmodern thought, traces the role of Christianity in shaping civic values, and offers a path for thoughtful Christian engagement, endorsement, and critique of these hot-button concepts.

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