Canadian Political Leaders Watch a Soccer Video

(UPDATED: Sorry. I had the wrong link at the end to bring you to the rest of the article.)

Good morning, Prime Minister, and congratulations. Please just take a seat over there.

Mr. Scheer—good to see you. Ms. May, welcome. Mr. Singh, so glad you could come. Ah, Monsieur Blanchet—bienvenue! Please, all of you, take any seat.

Now, then. Everyone comfortable? Excellent.

As you know, in the wake of this recent election campaign Her Majesty the Queen has formally requested that you sit down with me to sort out a few things. Her Majesty is concerned that what she referred to as “the dreadful misbehaviour” of the last weeks be nipped in the bud before the next session of Parliament begins.

So in this lovely room here in Rideau Hall, we’re going to set out a few principles upon which Her Majesty quite firmly insists. And to illustrate those principles, let’s watch this short ESPN video, shall we?

Now, you’ll have noticed in this very short clip that there are teams in competition with each other. They’re playing a soccer game. They have trained to play well and defeat their opponents. They have studied their opponents to aim at their weaknesses while making the most of their own strengths.

So far, so good. There is nothing wrong with avid competition. Indeed, the game requires it.

Therefore, you, Mr. Scheer, as the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, will properly work with your colleagues to hold Mr. Trudeau and his government to strict account. You will prepare thoroughly, research assiduously, and offer to Her Majesty and the country of Canada she lovingly governs the best possible critiques and constructive alternatives.

In turn, Prime Minister, you will appreciate your opponents and learn from them, even as you press every advantage and aim at the best possible outcome. You will play by the rules and set the highest possible standards of fair play and excellence. We expect nothing else, and we demand nothing less.

What none of you will do, of course, is waste everyone’s time on trivial issues, delaying the game. There ought to be a penalty for that in politics, as there is in soccer.

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