Change of Pace: A Really, Really Cute Kid

Here is a photograph of Marcus Huber. I have not met Marcus, nor his photographer dad, nor any of the other Hubers. I came across this photo only because the Hubers’ blog happened to link to mine and I followed it back, as I sometimes do. (Bloggers do want to know who’s reading them, right?)

Kari and I raised three blond, blue-eyed boys of our own. And they were mighty cute. Some believe they still are, in a rugged, manly way.

But this shot of Marcus, surely you will agree, puts him into world-class cutitude. (Yes, that’s a real word. Because I say so, that’s why.)

You can find more photos here.

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  1. D. Huber

    🙂 Well, that’s our little Marcus. And we think that he’s mighty cute too. Thanks for featuring him on your blog… which we love to read.

    Keep up the good blogging (and other) work!

  2. D. Huber

    P.S. – My lovely wife took your Religions of the World class at Regent back in ’02 or ’03.

    • John Stackhouse

      Oh, dear: I do remember teaching Joyel, and didn’t realize until I bored into your website that she was the “J” in “D&J Huber.” Sorry, Joyel!

      You do have a terrific photographer’s eye, Dezene: I hope others will visit your blog and then your Flickr site.


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