Did God Choose President Trump?

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The inauguration of President Donald Trump was replete with prayers, scripture readings, exhortations, and benedictions by clergy from various Christian denominations and other religions besides. But the question remains:

Did God ordain the Trump Administration?

Religious News Service interviewed theologians of differing theological and political stripes. Not surprisingly, some said yes and some said no. But the conversation would have been improved if they had recognized a more complex idea of Providence.

At the highest level is God’s overall responsibility for creating and sustaining the world as it is. Since God could have created a different world, and since God could terminate this one in a moment, it can fairly be said that nothing happens that God does not allow.

So is God responsible for the election of Donald Trump? In this important sense that God made the world in such a way that such a thing could happen, then yes.

But that’s not the level at which most people seem to want to address the issue.

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2 Responses to “Did God Choose President Trump?”

  1. Jim

    We live in a fallen world, what more needs to be said. God let us fall….we own accountability for our actions….as it was in the garden. God is not responsible for the fall any more than he is responsible for the election of Donald Trump.

  2. Glen

    I think that Rm 8.28 is being misused here. The point of the statement is that God is at work in all the circumstances of a believer’s life to conform them to the image of Christ (v. 29…this is the good).

    Saying that God has ‘permitted’ Trump’s election tells us nothing. God has ‘permitted’ innumerable of evils in human experience. It seems like one’s theology of providence will shape how one sees these issue. On this I recommend Bruce Reichenbach’s Divine Providence: God’s Love and Human Freedom (WIPF Stock, 2016….in my opinion the best book on the topic.),

    Given the magnitude of the evil which is now resident in the While House, conservative and progressives alike should be united in their opposition to it. Principled conservatives understand this (e.g. David Brooks, Steve Schmidt, Stuart Stevens ). But the majority of tribal conservatives follow the lead of Fox, Breibart, CPAC, etc. and call evil good….and then do battle on its behalf. This seems to be where most white evangelicals are and they seem prepared to accept any evil so long as the person holds their position on abortion.


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