Evangelicals in Canada versus Evangelicals in the USA

I’m only going to say this one more time. Canadian evangelicals are not identical with our American cousins and not all aligned with the political right.

Along with a couple of others, I’ve been saying this publicly now for almost thirty years, and our fellow scholars have gotten the word. The textbooks read differently than they used to when they describe evangelicalism in Canada.

Most of the news media, however, along with most of the courts, political parties, and educational leaders, seem to have missed the memo. So here goes.

Canadian evangelicals are not clustered on the right wing of our political spectrum. Many of them support the Conservative Party and doubtless some are attracted to the People’s Party of Canada. But as professors David Rayside, Jerald Sabin, and Paul Thomas show in their recent book on Religion and Canadian Party Politics (UBC Press, 2018), evangelicals have long voted and continue to vote right across the political spectrum.

Take a look at the pastor of Canada’s largest evangelical church, The Meeting House in southern Ontario. Bruxy Cavey is the Puck of Canadian Christianity, a cheerful clown with a big heart, a sharp mind, and an earnest message. And he doesn’t come within a mile of conservative Christianity—or just about anything else one might call “conservative.”

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