"Holy Post" in the National Post

I’ll interrupt this sequence on Christian universities to gesture toward a new initiative of one of Canada’s national newspapers, the National Post, which is increasing its coverage of religion at a time when many media are scaling back.

One of the clever ways the NP has devised to do so is to get some people to write for it on the cheap–low-profile, strugging writers desperate for some attention, such as . . . yes, you guessed it . . . your servant.

So here‘s my first contribution to “Holy Post” and I hope you’ll encourage the NP to keep on in this new venture–even as you can properly hope that their stable of writers improves, and soon.

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  2. Bene Diction

    Thanks for the heads up, all the best to you and Holy Post. It’s good to see you writing about Canadian evangelicalism on a wider stage.

    I hope you find time to keep this blog going also.

    Blog on!


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