ICYMI Update

In case you have, well, a meaningful life and thus not one distributed thinly across multiple social media platforms like some of us sad, needy folk, here’s a few recent publications by your servant that you may not have seen . . . if you don’t follow me on Twitter (@jgsphd) or “like” my Facebook page.

(I can hardly believe I typed that last phrase. And yet, there it is.)

On the Canadian controversy over wearing a niqab in a citizenship ceremony: here.

On why it’s so hard to commend Christianity in Cascadia: here.

On the dynamics of evangelicals changing their minds about LGBTQ+ issues: here.


3 Responses to “ICYMI Update”

    • Keith Shields

      The “Evangelicals, LGBTQ+, and the Bible: What’s (Been) Going On?” article is very good and it generates more questions for me as well. Your reference to Evangelicals appealing to “the broad themes of the Bible” makes me think of your mentor Mark Noll in his book The Civil War as a Theological Crisis where he actually argues for this approach when it comes to women and slaves. See my own humble blog here: http://bit.ly/1GcTBIW

      I have always appreciated this argument in those contexts while recognizing that it might work against me in the LGBTQ debate. Evangelicals seek to be biblically sound while recognizing changes in cultural interpretation. There must be a way through that allows us to remain faithful to the whole Bible while understanding how it relates to our present culture.

  1. Matt McCoy

    As one who does not use either Facebook or Twitter, I am grateful for this post and for your writing.


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