If Sorrow Is Stalking You

Sometimes God presses us right up against the wall of what we can endure.

And sometimes God smashes us right through it.

I sat down with a friend recently whose 62-year-old wife, fit and vivacious and brilliant in her work as a physician, suffered a stroke a couple of years ago. Last month, he came across her weeping in front of her laptop. She couldn’t figure out how to order their daughter a birthday present from her favourite online shop.

This was a sign of how they will spend their remaining years together.

So last week he was helping her complete a trans-Atlantic trip home to see her relatives, almost certainly the last such trip they’ll ever take together. He thought he’d better stop into a walk-in clinic because he was so strangely tired, and they ran a few tests.

He starts intensive chemotherapy on Monday for a cancer that is so far advanced he may not see Christmas.

Meanwhile, another friend and I had a few precious few moments of conversation together at a conference. She smiled in greeting, but her eyes were shrouded in pain.

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