Kruse on Stackhouse

Michael Kruse, a blogger whom I have not met but who has kindly defended my work on at least a couple of other people’s blogs (notably Scot McKnight’s), is discussing my book Making the Best of It: Following Christ in the Real World on his blog. I’ll likely stay out of it to let Michael do his thing with his blogfriends, but I am honoured by Michael’s careful attention to what I’m trying to do in that book. Not every reader has been so careful, alas!

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  1. Michael W. Kruse

    Thanks for the link, Dr. Stackhouse. Making the Best of It is on of the most important books I’ve read in recent years. I’m blogging through it partly to get other folks interested and partly because this exercise helps me study the book better.

    I’ve no idea how much conversation it will generate but should you be at my blog and wish to comment I hope you’ll feel free. I’d be honored.

    Thanks for such a wonderful volume.


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