Late Teens & 20-Somethings, This Is for You

Sam McLoughlin has a new book out that does what few books can do: Talk to young adults about Stuff That Matters in a way they will enjoy without dumbing it down or yukking it up.

The Default Life is what you can give to yourself, if you’re a thoughtful younger person, or to thoughtful younger persons in your life. It responds to Pascal’s observation that we spend tremendous resources distracting and insulating ourselves against the Big Questions, against even our true selves. In so doing (and you knew the Postman title was coming, didn’t you?) we are indeed Amusing Ourselves to Death.

So Sam is here to help with that. He comes alongside the reader and says, “Hey, look at that. And that. And listen to this. And this. And how about we consider this and that for a minute? So here’s what I’m wondering….”

Summer’s coming, when young people actually can read outside what they have to read on the job or in school. A lot of them should read this.

Sam’s worked hard to make it available: Kindle, paperback, even parts of it downloadable from his blog,

Every once in a while, you think it would be good to get a book like this. Now you can.

4 Responses to “Late Teens & 20-Somethings, This Is for You”

  1. Sam McLoughlin (@VancvrSam)

    thanks for the shout out John! Couldn’t have done it without the wise counseling over the years!
    If any of you readers want a free copy of a short ebook I wrote called The Ultimate Arbiter of Human Worth (The Default Life: On TV) you can sign up for my email list here. If you sign up in the next couple days, I’ll include a pdf of the first couple chapters of my book as well.

  2. Suzie Docherty

    Hey Sam – so very proud of you! Would love a copy of the book ! Way to shine for HIm Sam ! God bless you and all of your endeavours,plans, hopes and dreams.

  3. Dorothy Clement

    Have two granddaughters in that age range. Both at post secondary and could use something like this. Would love a copy. Thanks.

  4. John Stackhouse

    Just to be clear, folks, Sam isn’t able to GIVE these away, right? You’re going to go to Amazon and order them, right? 😉


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