More of Me (Irresistible, I Know…)

First, if you don’t SUBSCRIBE yet, please do. I blog only impulsively, even desultorily, and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time checking to see if something new has been posted. Just subscribe (by clicking on that helpful little button over yonder) and let us tell you through your e-mail when a new post is up.

Second, my longtime friend Lorna Dueck gets my vote as Canada’s best religious broadcaster (I only wish that compliment meant more than, alas, it does), and today I added my flyspeck of support to her fine work by beginning a regular blogging gig on her website. Please check it out here.

Thanks for reading, for commenting, and for sending me e-mails of support. This year, though, some cheques would be good, too. Just sayin’.

3 Responses to “More of Me (Irresistible, I Know…)”

  1. Madeleine De Villiers

    Irresistible… that got me chuckling out loud! No use sending Australian dollars – exchange rate- perfect excuse?
    Thanks for your ‘desultorily’ posts, you are expanding my thinking as well as my vocabulary as I grew up in Afrikaans.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Joe Betts

    If you have a Paypal-operative email account for receiving donations, I’d be inclined to assist.

    • John

      Thanks, Joe. I’m not set up as a charity (although people have asked me over the years to do so: scholarship is expensive, alas), but my university is. Anyone inclined to support what I do could donate specifically to the “Samuel J. Mikolaski Chair” at Crandall University, Moncton, New Brunswick; attention Dr. Bob Knowles. URL for contact info is here:


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