My Latest "Book" and "Media Appearance"

I have recently been “honoured” by an “interview” with a “student” at Regent College, Michelle Sudduth, about my new “book” entitled, “The House that Stack Built.” I “urge” you to “enjoy” this “fine piece of work” on YouTube here:

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  1. Jeff Loach

    John, you are a fine, fine sport for posting this. I heard about it via the Schindells, but seeing is truly believing. It’s a good piece of work, for its genre. Thanks to you and Michelle for a good laugh!

    Passionately His,

  2. Michelle Sudduth

    it’s funny that you put quotes around the word “student”- is this because my academic career is truly over? 🙂

    • John Stackhouse

      Oh, I wouldn’t say it is over…

      Wait. I did say that. In the chapel service today.

      Okay, it is. Hence the quotation marks.

      All the “best,” Michelle!

  3. Matt McCoy

    Spending thousands of dollars to learn about aliens from a dude wearing an x-man costume? This is what gets me out of bed and into a Systematic Theology lecture in the morning!


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