Now on Twitter by (Small) Popular Demand

Being what is known as a “late adopter,” waiting to see how new technologies work out before taking the trouble to add them to my life, I am going to try tweeting for a while. I’ve been attending a terrific “Advance” weekend with Len Sweet on Orcas Island and I was overwhelmed today with the other participants telling me–sweetly, kindly, politely, and insistently–that I should be tweeting. So here goes.

I’m @jgsphd, since the obvious @versionsofmyname were already gone.

Be one of the first 100 to sign up and you can tell your grandchildren about it. They’ll want to know.

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  1. Steve Wilkinson

    Hey, when you get famous, just remember that I was following you before your own family! 😉 (Which probably says way too much about my being up late reading and being a tech geek.)

    I just finally joined Twitter a few weeks ago as well. @TilledSoil for the ministry and @SteveW928 for the geeky stuff that might drive apologists to tears. (A good friend, smartly, talked me into separating the two!)

  2. Pat Pope

    Okay. so once you have Twitter mastered, you need to connect your tweets to Facebook so users there can see your content.

    • Steve Wilkinson

      Oh cool, tech discussions on Stackblog!
      While admitting I’m pretty new to Twitter, I think it would depend on how one tweets. I’m often seeing things run across my Facebook from people who are obviously doing this, and it often ends up being kind of spam-like and out of context. I guess if you only tweeted things like announcements of articles you’ve written and such, that would integrate pretty well, but if you ever tweet responses to some other tweet or such, then I don’t think it would fit Facebook very well. They seem to be different kinds of services, though with some overlap.

  3. Steve Wilkinson

    Ok, here is a question to help us novice Twitter users out. What should one do with spam-like followers (ex: ones who would seem to be promoting some unrelated service)? If all these ‘SEO’ places and such are really interested in apologetics, then I’m more than happy to share with them. Do they gain something from following? Do they negatively impact me? (Note: they don’t seem to be doing anything, just following.) Thanks.

  4. Pat Pope

    Actually Steve, there is a way to have what you post on Twitter linked to appear on Facebook. I don’t know how to do it since I’m no longer on Facebook, but lots of people do it. That’s how I’m able to read as many blogs as I do. Scot McKnight does this quite a bit, just to name one person.


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