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Grad School Advice

I’ll post a page over to the right, there, putting the following list of blog pages in a more permanently obvious and accessible location. But for now, here’s a guide to posts relevant to those seeking theological education and particularly those going on to academic careers:

“Seminary: Who Needs It?” http://www.johnstackhouse.com/seminary-who-needs-it/

“Should You Write a Master’s Thesis?” http://www.johnstackhouse.com/should-you-write-a-masters-thesis/#more-246

“Thinking about a Ph.D.?” http://www.johnstackhouse.com/thinking-about-a-phd/

“Ph.D. Applicants: Don’t Apply Unless You Mean It” http://www.johnstackhouse.com/phd-applicants-dont-apply-unless-you-mean-it/

Qualifications for Teaching at a Small, Christian College http://www.johnstackhouse.com/qualifications-for-teaching-at-a-small-christian-college/#more-292

“Oh, and by the Way, Your GRE Math Score Doesn’t Matter” http://www.johnstackhouse.com/oh-and-by-the-way-your-gre-math-score-doesnt-matter/

“More on the Math GRE for Ph.D. Students” http://www.johnstackhouse.com/more-on-the-math-gre-for-phd-students/

“Going for the Ph.D….Anyway (Part 1)” http://www.johnstackhouse.com/going-for-the-ph-d-anyway-part-1/

“Going for the Ph.D….Anyway (Part 2)” http://www.johnstackhouse.com/going-for-the-ph-d-anyway-part-2/

“Academic Jobs…and Other Higher Competitive Jobs: Who Is Your Competition Really?” http://www.johnstackhouse.com/academic-jobs-and-other-highly-competitive-jobs-who-is-your-competition-really/

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