• John G. Stackhouse, Jr.

Great Sale for Students from Baylor University Press

My friend Dr Carey Newman has revolutionized Baylor University Press, ‘way down yonder in Waco, Texas, into a powerhouse of a place. This morning I received this news that I am glad to pass along:

50% Discount for Grad Students from Baylor University Press

To participate in their promotion, go to http://baylorpr.es/1hXvixQ and fill out the form. Be sure to use your “.edu” email address.

The discount code for the promotion will then be sent to you on June 14 and applies only to backlist books.

Start shopping at www.baylorpress.com.

I myself recommend you start with these two books (that really are one Big Book sliced in two unequal parts) by my estimable colleague Iain Provan:


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