Heading Home…

I’ve been away–from this space, and from my home space–for quite a while. Son Number One and I took a trip celebrating the end of his master’s degree to the northeastern Mediterranean, visiting ports from Rome to Istanbul. Both of us have our first degrees in history, so of course we had a blast seeing Mt. Etna, Venice, Santorini, Ephesus, and Troy, among other wonders.

Then Wife Number One and I took a cruise from Rome westward, visiting glamour spots like Monaco, Saint-Tropez, and Barcelona, as well as most of the major islands in that part of the world, from Malta to Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily, as well as little Elba and Menorca. (I pay for these trips by lecturing on board: professors otherwise can’t afford such things, as you well know.)

Shortly after that splendid journey, I jetted in the opposite direction and am now completing two weeks of lecturing in China, one week in Wuhan (one of the Three Furnaces of China, and rightly named, I’ll tell you) and one week in Shanghai. I look forward to flying home tomorrow, landing three hours before I leave….

So there hasn’t been opportunity for blogging, but I have a few things stored up to write about over the next while. ‘Til then, here’s a link to my latest column in Faith Today, with the whole magazine now available online graciously by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

A bientôt!