• John G. Stackhouse, Jr.

Lecture on Homosexuality Now Available

Since, as you know, I try to avoid controversy as much as possible and simply repeat bromides and other crowd-pleasers all I can, I’m letting you know that Regent Audio has put up on the Net a long (2.5 hours) lecture on homosexuality by your servant.

The lecture originally came at the end of a course on the Theology of Culture and indicates the sort of ethical reasoning I outline in Making the Best of It: Following Christ in the Real World (OUP, 2008). The lecture has the rough edges of a classroom discussion, and I certainly wish I had put various elements of it better than I did. But since I have been asked for this teaching a number of times, especially since it ranges beyond sexual ethics per se to matters of pastoral practice and public policy and yet does so in less than three hours (!), I offer it for what it’s worth.

(According to Regent Audio, it’s worth six bucks. Caveat emptor!)