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Merry Yule, Y'all

My family and I are about to move from Vancouver to North Vancouver, a move of about seven minutes’ drive across the Second Narrows Bridge. Not a big move, but a move, which means the alteration and, in many cases, disconnection and reconnection of the many systems in which we all are enmeshed in North America: bank and credit card accounts, utilities, insurance agencies, and so on, and so on.

Among the interruptions we’ll be experiencing is the loss of Internet access possibly until Christmas. So I’ll almost certainly have to leave off posting until then.

Until next time, then, may God grant you a blessed Advent season and happy Christmas–all twelve days of it! And, to do it right, which is to say, to do it informedly, buy and read the excellent books by my excellent friend, Gerry Bowler–Ph.D., King’s College, London, and expert in all things Christmassy.


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