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Promo for Simon Fraser University: A Little to the Left

Eldest son Trevor has just graduated B.A. in History from Simon Fraser University (SFU), a fine school located in suburban Vancouver. Like a number of Canadian universities, SFU has been known as leftist in its overall political outlook. Of course, such generalizations about institutions as large and complex as a major university are dubious, if not hopelessly simplistic. Still, by Canadian standards we’re pretty middle-of-the-road politically and Trevor frequently found himself defending relatively conservative positions in his political science and history courses. He liked that sort of engagement, but didn’t admire how merely reflexive were the leftist politics and morality of so many of his fellow students and a considerable number of his professors.

So, as artists do, he sublimated his rage into performance. (Trevor has previously trained as a video and film technician, and has a lot of experience in editing.) And, as Stackhouses do, his performance is sarcastic and, I trust, also pretty funny.

Here, then, is Trevor (SS2K Productions) Stackhouse’s promotional ad for his alma mater, whose current advertising slogan is “Thinking of the World.” Please do visit, rate, and comment on it. He’ll get a kick out of whatever you have to say.


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