Public Speaking: Favourite Resources

I’m looking forward to conducting a week-long course in public speaking in Regent’s Summer Programs very soon. (Yes, there’s still time for you to apply. Or to send your pastor. Or professor. Or….)

I’ve been speaking over the last few months in a pretty wide range of places: from conducting a seminar for faculty members at Hong Kong University to addressing a local writers’ conference, from emceeing a friend’s wedding to emceeing a choral concert, from preaching in a Regent chapel service to responding to a controversial film at the DOXA Festival, and from speaking to teachers in a conference at Richmond, BC, to speaking to travellers on a ship in the Baltic.

Along the way, I’ve acquired a store of favourite writings on speaking, as well as some favourite models of good speaking. So what or who are yours?

What’s your favourite book, or website, or TED talk, or sermon, or YouTube example of excellent speaking? Readers of this weblog are a pretty diverse bunch, so we’ll have Zig Ziglar fans and Parker Palmer aficionadoes, and that’s all fine. Sound off, then, would you? To what or whom would you point us to become better speakers?

(Yes, “Jesus” and “the Bible” are the right answers, as always. Here is your well-deserved gold star. But who and what else?)

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