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Show Me Going

“All units be advised: active shooter incident at 572 Main Street East. Units in the area please respond.”

A moment’s delay while the radio crackled. Then—

“Carter, badge 4792, show me going.”

“Hernandez, badge 2231, show me going.”

“Jackson, badge 7133, show me going.”

“Ching, badge 6990, show me going.”

One of my favourite cop shows recently featured gunmen holding down a building with hostages inside. This is the sort of situation that normal, sensible people flee. Police officers, however? They run towardthe danger.

And, so that they can be accounted for especially if things go badly, they tell their dispatcher for the record, “Show me going.”

I’ve had the privilege of teaching many outstanding people over my career. One is Shim Jung Hee (which I’m pretty sure is Korean for “Diana Prince”), a young woman who graduated from the University of Maryland and then, with a master’s degree, from Regent College.

Sara (her American name) is not only well educated, but multi-talented. How talented? Good enough on viola to have played in Carnegie Hall. Good enough in track and field to have qualified for the American Olympic trials.

What does someone like this do with the promise of the whole world in front of her?

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