Praying for Your Enemies

One of Jesus’ most unexpected and difficult commands comes to mind as both Canada and the United States are embroiled in elections, and as my normally rather sedate blog has endured some intemperance by both the blogger and some commentators!

So here’s a thought: Before we write a blog post or a comment on some else’s, and especially if we’re angry, let’s pray for objects of our irritation or outrage first—really pray.

More truth in love, and less selfish I’ve-gotta-get-this-off-my-chest-you-jerk communication would surely result.


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  1. Angie Van De Merwe

    Many people say, unfortunately, that they would rather work for and with unbelievers than believers. Why is this so? Because we have the “ideal” in mind where it concerns the Church, and after all, the Church is only an organized strucure where politics plays out.

    Church was supposed to represent God to man, but God usually isn’t seen at Church, only humans playing God. That is when we all get hurt because others in the name of God, play God and bring about absurdities in our lives. Politics is not about love, it is about winning and it is about this world. I guess Luther was right in this sense…

  2. poserorprophet

    I pray that the people who participated in the last few threads on this blog would be as passionate about their allegiance to the universal Church and the kingdom of God, as they are passionate about their allegiance to the American political system.

    Does that count?

  3. Paul+

    Wow! I suppose I don’t get out enough into the blogosphere these days, but the comments on these last two threads have been alarmingly depressing.

    Now, may I venture this to my fellow EVs (without incurring any commentator’s wrath)? As I often tell the folks in my parish, “Let’s remember that the world is watching us — and is looking for any reason to disregard our message.” Let’s not give them cause to dismiss us by reading comments on blogs!

    Grace & Peace.

  4. dopderbeck

    Well, apologies — I shouldn’t have used some of the terms I did in that other thread.

    Still, I think it’s a shame that one can’t critically evaluate something like the popular evangelical support for Sara Palin without getting lambasted.

  5. Donna-Jean Brown

    Did you hear what mother said in her (late) comment on the original 46 exchanges?
    How many times do I have to tell you?
    Oh yeah, 7X77X777X7777…

    But really now, it was clear that John was being funny in his first blog about Palin. I laughed a lot. However, as a lifelong feminist, I’ve heard the defense, “I was just joking” far too often, so I think I understand some of the emotions swirling around.
    Nevertheless, when we reach a point of calm confidence in our position on any issue, we no longer have a fit and angrily hit back when an opposing opinion is raised, even as a (to our ears, disrespectful) joke.

    Isn’t grace the best news ever?

  6. josenmiami

    good suggestion …

    anger is a major problem in the U.S., especially in the Christian Church. I have had my own struggles with a life time of anger, and I have been working on ‘resolving’ for the last 5 years. I have been surprised and taken aback by the almost immediate and visceral anger of democrats (especially women) toward Gov. Palin.

    I have been equally disturbed by the anger and dismissive sarcasm directed at Obama and Biden.

    I might just write in T. Boon Picken’s name for President.


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