Preachers, Teachers, Speakers…Lend Me Your Ears


I’m looking forward to offering my annual half-day speaking seminar on Saturday morning, 9 a.m., February 2, at Regent College. It’s coming up fast now, so if you’re in the area, or if your time-share of a private jet coincides with that weekend, get on over here and I’ll make a better speaker out of you.

I encourage area pastors and teachers who have been doing it awhile to come: It will refresh you, sharpen your skills, keep you out of some trouble, and possibly even earn you greater fame and riches (spiritual, of course, but also potentially worldly, too).

Sign up in advance with Regent’s academic secretary and you can save a few bucks ($25 instead of $30 at the door). Bring a group, and you can enjoy lunching afterward and listing all the things I told you to do that I myself flagrantly failed to do.

If you cannot attend, there is yet bright hope on the horizon. For the first time ever (drum roll, please, and use the big drums), I will offer a full-week course on public speaking, covering everything from website design to the initial invitation, from microphone emergencies to the best use of PowerPoint (which is, sometimes, not to use it), from the delicate question of fees to the determining question of what part of your talk actually makes the most impact (social science has proven which part does, and it might surprise you), and lots more. You can find the course mentioned here, in Week 4 (July 22-26) of Summer Session.

So prepare more effectively and perform more joyfully. I’d love to see you here!

3 Responses to “Preachers, Teachers, Speakers…Lend Me Your Ears”

  1. Roger

    John: Sounds fantastic but alas, my jet is pre-booked that weekend. I will see if my butler can work more dilligently to avoid such pedestrain conflicts in the future.

  2. Isaac

    I would come to both of these if I weren’t already booked. darn. is there any audio of video version of some of this john?

    • John

      No, I don’t think there will be at this stage. I’m still working out a satisfactorily good version of them. (Public speaking tip #34: Don’t let anyone record you ’til you’re ready for it to go up on the Net, because it might!). I’m sorry we’ll miss you this time.


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