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Whatever happened to "Do your own thing"—or, updated, "You do you, Boo"?


Have you noticed that social media tend strongly toward moral absolutism, not relativism?


Perhaps you have noticed on Twitter, or Facebook, or Instagram, or even TikTok the popularity, even prevalence, of moral language that is, in truth, moralistic—confidently condemning.


If being moral is holding to ethical norms, being moralistic is wagging your finger at other people for not observing those norms. And we’re now swimming against a mighty tide of moralism sweeping across our society.


We’re in a post-postmodern situation now, a strange resurgence of the Romantic confidence in intuition as primary guide to life and love. What is that? And how did we settle on that option?


In this webinar we probe the weather change in mood over the last couple of decades as relativism has given way to The New Moralism. We examine what we're up against, how we got here, and how best to offer the gift of Christian words to people who seem impervious to any idea they don't already hold.


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Postmodernity & The New Moralism Webinar

  • Digital download.  This is a recording of a previously conducted ThinkBetter Media webinar. 

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