Re-Launching “Can I Believe?”

COVID-19 has affected matters great and small. Among the smaller matters has been the launch of my latest book, Can I Believe? Christianity for the Hesitant. This is my attempt to write a book for smart friends of yours who will consider reading a book about Christianity so long as it raises their questions and speaks their language.

Can I Believe? Christianity for the Hesitant book cover

The book has been nicely praised by people you and your friends could take seriously: Hans Halvorson, a philosopher at Princeton; Irshad Manji, a global peace activist at Oxford; Miroslav Volf, a theologian at Yale; and Andrew Briggs, a scientist also at Oxford. (Sorry about featuring not just one, but two, Oxonians. I have had one or two Cantabrigians praise others of my books, however, for those of you keeping score.)

The book now has its own website, and we’re giving away a free download of the first chapter:

So please consider visiting the site and taking a look.

And if you have read it already and like it, would you take a few minutes to say so on Goodreads, Amazon, or the like? Formal reviews are helpful still, but reader reviews mean more and more nowadays.


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