Reason #25 Why You Should Come to Regent College Next Summer

There are lots of good reasons to make Regent College spring and summer programs part of your planning for 2013. Our website is full of them.

But here’s one I can commend to you with particular enthusiasm: I get to teach a course on business ethics with a Very Heavy Hitter.

To be sure, Bonnie Wurzbacher doesn’t look like someone who hits—heavily or otherwise. But you can be sure that Ms. Wurzbacher knows things you need to know about how to succeed as a Christian in business. Or, perhaps better, how to succeed Christianly in business. Or, perhaps better still, how to Christianly construe “success” in business—and the rest of life, too.

Bonnie is a Wheaton College (BA) and Emory University (MBA) grad. She started her career as a teacher and then got into business with a little company with which she loyally remained until her early retirement last year. Perhaps you have heard of that company. It’s known here and there as The Coca-Cola Company, and Bonnie rose so high in that firm that she ended her time there with a title so complicated I don’t understand it: “Sr. Vice President, Global Customer & Channel Leadership, Global Marketing, Corporate.”

Look, I figured if I was going to co-teach a course in business ethics, I didn’t want to make it too easy—you know, teaching alongside someone who worked for a tiny little nonprofit that made crutches for impoverished orphans. I wanted to explore business ethics with someone who has experienced the very heavy hitting of a major company that has friends and enemies around the world and about which precisely no one has no opinion.

I enjoyed doing the same thing a few summers ago by teaching a course on the ethics of film-making with my friend Ralph Winter, the very fine producer of movies that millions have enjoyed (I am among them) which also have made many other people shake their heads, such as “I, Robot,””X-Men,” and “Fantastic Four.” No point doing ethics unless there’s some excitement built in.

Well, there’s excitement built in to an intense one-week conversation with a senior VP of one of the world’s most famous companies.

So make your plans now: July 29-August 2, 2013, Regent College, Vancouver.

4 Responses to “Reason #25 Why You Should Come to Regent College Next Summer”

  1. Bret

    I love Coca-Cola, I drink it all the time. Coca Cola has always had the struggle of both meeting consumer desires while also tackling the health issues associated with their product, its a tough job and now in New York there is ban on large soda drinks as they have been deemed a public health hazard. It would be interesting to hear Mrs. Wurzbacher’s views on the New York issue. If she believes her company has harmed people or if this is being blown out of porprtion.

  2. bret

    Hello John,

    I wish that you would provide a live feed for this course. I was unaware until recently how important & relevant this course is. I just learned that their is a movie out now about a legal case against the Coca Cola company called the ‘Coca Cola Case’ which is currently available on Netflix and is reportedly about Coca Cola and other companies hiring hit men to murder union leader in Columbia. I am sure that Bonnie Wurzbacher knows about this and it would be interesting to hear her comments on it.

  3. bret

    Beg your pardon

    I should have used the word ‘alleged’ in my last post, not sure if the case has been adjudicated, after all it is just the documentary I am referring to not any legal case. I should also mention that I have not watched the documentary yet, anyway my point was that the course will be exciting and hope it is available through distance learning. Thanks

    • John

      I’ve relayed your interest, bret, to our Audio/Distance Ed people. We’ll see what they say. Thanks for your interest.


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