Renovations…of All Kinds


  • always require more demolition than we had anticipated,
  • always make a bigger mess than we had hoped,
  • always take longer than we had expected,
  • always cost more than we had first thought,
  • and
  • always try our patience and commitment far past what we had thought was our breaking point.


But… if done right, without compromise and with unlimited resources, what a wonder can result!

And no one then complains that it wasn’t worth it, but instead exclaims,




One Response to “Renovations…of All Kinds”

  1. Ryan

    I am looking forward to seeing the truth of these words borne out, as we begin to clean up/restore our basement after another flood here in southern Alberta…

    (Or is it possible you were referring to renovations of a deeper, more lasting sort?) 🙂


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