Some Musings on Missions…

One of my favourite magazines is Books & Culture, a sort of Christian New York Review of Books. Its editor, John Wilson, is perfectly suited to his job: generous, clear, and demanding toward his authors, and in his editorials astonishingly erudite, invariably wise, and never, ever dull. If you’re tired of “dumb” religious media, here’s one to restore your faith in, well, faith.

Your servant happens to have a piece published in the most recent number, offering some provocations regarding evangelical views of missions. And there’s lots more in the archives, including a terrific evisceration of Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion by mega-philosopher Alvin Plantinga.

I’m betting that anyone who likes this blog will really like this magazine. Check it out!

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  1. Beyond Words

    This article made me weep for joy and hope. While much of the Body of Christ is suffering from a parched, impoverished and truncated caricature of the gospel, I take heart that the Spirit is working to change that.

    Thank you Spirit for revealing to my brother John the robust, deep, rich scope of the gospel and gifting him with the words to articulate it. I pray many would accept it as the word of God spoken in a fresh way for our time and circumstances, and that through this message, many would receive the “miracle of transformation” by faith in the triune God.

  2. dwark

    As I reflect on a conversation I had earlier this week on an airplane where I was asked how one can know which religion is the “right” one, your words “Jesus called us to be his witnesses, not his experts in comparative religion” come as a comfort as I remember my response.


  3. adam

    Dr. Stackhouse, loved your article and agree with the above comments on how it have me real hope, and helped me understand the gospel better.

    Is there anywhere you spell out your position on inclusivism in more detail, or are there any theologians who you think do a pretty good job?

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