Stackhouse on Volf on “Public Faith”

Good friend Miroslav Volf published a fine book a couple of years ago on A Public Faith. The journal Political Theology has released a theme issue on this book, and your servant is among those listed as responding to MV’s work.

The publisher allows authors to post versions of their articles that have not been made ready for print. That is, for the published version, you must go to the journal’s website. But as a starter, I can post my own article here, which I trust I have done correctly in the attached PDF.

You’ll want to consult Miroslav’s spirited (!) response to my article, and the others, to get the full story, of course, as well as consult the book itself. But trust me: I’m right. 😉



4 Responses to “Stackhouse on Volf on “Public Faith””

  1. Morgan Wills

    From where I sit in Tennessee, I don’t see any PDF…

    • John

      Well, Dr Wills, if you click on “StackhouseVolf” above, you’ll have a magical surprise.

  2. Alex

    This is on my reading list. as hardcover copies of the book on sale for only $0.99.

    • John

      Wow: Yeah, that IS the price. CBD must have expected it to sell a lot better than it did. Well, now that I’ve savagely attacked it, maybe it will sell better. (That’s the marketing strategy I worked out with Miroslav. He’s poised to viciously denounce my next book, “Need to Know: Vocation as the Heart of Christian Epistemology,” due out from Oxford in a few months….)


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