Talk Is Cheap(er)

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, here’s an announcement of Regent Audio’s indefensible decision to offer my Regent Audio recordings (from single lectures to whole courses) at 50% off until February 14. (UPDATE: Link has been corrected.)

And what could be more romantic than giving your sweetheart the gift of my voice yakking away hour after hour…


4 Responses to “Talk Is Cheap(er)”

  1. Cyril Chalk

    I don’t know about my sweetheart, but “I never tire of hearing John,s talks and courses. They have done more fo me to help articulate the faith to people who have no concept or concern about Christ or God By avoiding trite religious phrases, I have been able to use many concepts introduced to at least awaken a God consciousness in some folks.
    Keep the blogs, the talks, the lectures and courses coming.

  2. A misguided gifter

    And to think I settled for diamonds and platinum when I could have given her audio tapes. I hope she doesn’t discover how she has been cheated.


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