The Last Person to Appear on YouTube

Well, it had to happen. Eventually even your servant was going to get caught on camera and posted to YouTube.

I was in the Toronto area recently and a Christian program, “100 Huntley Street,” had me on to talk about my new book, Can God Be Trusted? Faith and the Challenge of Evil.

If you decide to visit, you can click here. Or you can just go to YT and search for “John Stackhouse.” Don’t type just “Stackhouse,” though, or you’ll get piles of clips of Jerry Stackhouse, the NBA veteran, and not a close relative…

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  1. Andrea Tisher

    I’m pleased (?) to say that I already knew of this appearance because my parents give me the “this morning on Huntley” update almost daily… 🙂

  2. Dave W

    Very good interview John. Have added your book title to my list of books to get and read.

    By the way even in the new world I expect there will be pain but not suffering as we currently experience it. Having seen people without pain sensitivity, pain seems very necessary to live in any kind of material world. Toes gnawed by rodents or hands burned on a hot fire are not a pretty sights.

    How do we answer the answer the suggestion that God likes pain in his own person and likes to inflict it on us? I have some answer but not very good or objective ones.

  3. Steve Wilkinson

    Congrats on the interview!
    It is an excellent book, and I’m curious how much different the 2nd edition is than the 1998 (2000 paperback) edition I have. Thanks.

  4. John Stackhouse

    Steve, it is different in formal and material respects. Formally, I have chopped up the One Big Chapter in the first one into more manageable chapters. I could do that because, materially, I have added enough new content that it made such a division work. Probably in a dozen or so places I have amplified what I wrote in the first edition…


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