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 Christian Ethics
for  Contemporary Culture

Multiple media to help you think better about what matters most, then to live better—and lead better

Welcome to Thinking Better...

ThinkBetter Media is an online education platform to equip leaders and earnest disciples to understand contemporary culture and Christianity better
and then to participate constructively in them.


Description and counsel are grounded in scholarly evidence and argument 


Legitimate options receive genuinely open consideration and treatment 


Analysis and explanation are translated into realistic actionables for both public and private life

John Stackhouse is extraordinarily gifted at making important, and even esoteric, developments in philosophy and theology accessible to the general public.

His insights are penetrating and, often, surprising.

And as a theological critic of trends in contemporary society, he has no peer.

—Nicholas Wolterstorff,

Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology,

Yale University

Front-line scholarship grounds the work we do

Our analysis, explanation and conclusions draws together
information and patterns from several disciplines:

Cultural, Intellectual, & Ecclesiastical History

Philosophy of Knowledge 


Sociology of Religion

Philosophy of Religion



Religious Studies

Historical and Constructive Theology

John Stackhouse strikes a brilliant balance. As a devoted Christian, he has the confidence to proselytize, yet he also has the humility to respect my intelligence, dignity, and humanity as a non-Christian. Be not afraid of his invitation. In our age of raging dogmas, who asks for simple consideration without expectation of outcome? Stackhouse, that's who. In more ways than one, this book is a counter-cultural delight."


Irshad Manji

Founder, The Moral Courage Project, Oxford University 


Resources for Christian ethics in accessible and digestible forms


Complex subjects broken down into specific, concrete, and practical content.

If you have only half an hour—or even just 10 minutes some weeks!— you can still think better. 

Signature Series

Short articles series present sustained analysis and critical evaluations of crucial issues and their implications for your life and work.

Video Seminars

Recorded presentations offering context and clarity with practical take-aways in conversation with other highly motivated participants..

Expert Interviews 

Interviews of experts and fascinating friends from around the world. access the entire archives of past interviews with HD video streaming + audio downloads.

Resource Library

Our online multimedia  library contains all our Signature Series, seminar videos, live webinars, expert interviews, discussion guides, and hundreds of catalogued blog posts.. And we’re growing it every month!

Live Webinars

Interactive learning with opportunity to share your own ideas, ask your particular questions, and get advice about your urgent challenges.

Bonus Timely Commentary

Hot (or, sometimes, cool) takes on the news cycle to give you a different and Christian angle on what's just happened—or now happening.

Canada has produced one of Christianity’s most clever—and demanding—givers of worthwhile advice in John Stackhouse.

—Douglas Todd,

Award-Winning Ethics and Diversity Editor, 

The Vancouver Sun

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Sampling of Signature Series Library
ThinkBetter Signature Series take complex subjects and break them down into specific, concrete, and practical content in brief & easily digestible instalments.