Time to Get Out the Cheque-Book Again

Here is the link to my latest Faith Today column, which considers how many Christian organizations have weathered (or not) the recent economic storm and what we, as supporters, ought to do in the light of it.

Editor Bill Fledderus welcomes you to check it out, and if you have already used up your “visitor’s passes” in previous views, clear cookies from your browser and you should be able to visit this one, too. (But if you like enough of what you see on the site, please do subscribe.)

0 Responses to “Time to Get Out the Cheque-Book Again”

  1. gingoro

    Just FYI The text was too unclear to read easily and increasing the magnification did not seem to help much.

    • John Stackhouse

      I found it small at first, too, but it blew up good once I magnified it. Perhaps your computer isn’t powerful enough?



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