Time to Give John Stackhouse a Sabbatical…

…or so my Ezer (Gen. 2:18) has suggested. And she’s almost always right.

(“Ezer,” by the way, is a term all wives love to be called. Try it tonight–trust me!)

Blogging is something I really enjoy. I am grateful for all the new friends it has brought me and for the many old friends who have popped up from time to time to say hello and participate in the conversation.

In this particular season, however, something has to give, so this will have to be it. I’ll reassess at the New Year. Thanks very much for reading and especially for commenting. My thinking has improved because of you. I hope some of you, at least can say the same.

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  1. Ralph Cann

    Just a note to say that your blog will be missed. I subscribe to several and this is one of my favourites. I value the civil discourse that is both mind and soul stretching. I hope Ezer advises a return. Ezer…. I might even try that word out. (-:

  2. Carlos Herrera

    I don’t usually post too many comments, but I’ve got to say I will be missing your blog, I’ve been following it for the past three years! Thanks Dr. Stackhouse for your time and hard work on this blog. It’s definitely been a blessing to my life.

  3. poetreehugger

    I will really miss the stimulating conversation and uplifting tone of this blog. I hope you will be back soon. In the meantime, I will make do by rereading some of your books and articles.

    May you find rest and renewal.

  4. E.G.

    My Ezer and I are certainly going to miss you. Have a good “sabbatical” and we will be watching for your return to this space.

  5. Jeff Loach

    John, I hope you are able to resume blogging when the time is right. I read few, but yours is one, and I never fail to be challenged and/or blessed by it. God’s best.

  6. Micah Smith

    In light of the lectures by Susan Wise Bauer, I would like to thank you for the effort you make in arguing fairly and in using the medium of the blogosphere appropriately.

  7. Mich

    Your blog is terrific!
    Take a rest and consider returning in the New Year refreshed.

  8. Jeff Kimble

    You will be missed, dear brother. Your clarity and perspective add a much needed voice to the blogosphere, and I for one am much better for it. I echo the many voices that both appreciate the tenor of your remarks as well as your keen observations. Your blog has been a model of Christian civility and insight. Blessings.

  9. Roger Laing


    We will miss the queality of insight and commentary on here.

    I tried the “Ezer” on Carol tonight. She thought I said Geezer and I did not experience the positive vibe you promised. Oh well, I guess it was either the medium or the message. Or in this case, perhaps a combination of both.


  10. Steve Wilkinson

    John, many thanks for the work you have put into this blog. I’ve certainly enjoyed it and have learned a few things the short time I have been following it. I hope you have a good sabbatical, but also are able to continue at some point. I completely understand the enjoyment factor of blogging vs other pressing work and responsibility, as I have to make the same choice regularly (and sometimes fail to choose wisely I think. ;o) ).

    Roger, if my brief time in Hebrew paid off, it is pronounced more like ‘laser’, or if you’re in Canada, ‘Eh’ as in eh-zhayr. Heavy emphasis on the first syllable, and roll the R a bit with your best Middle Eastern accent… how could her heart not just melt? :o)

  11. Joel Leakey

    John, I came across your blog & books a few months ago, at just the right time. Your clear, gracious tone and level-headed manner helped me pull through some serious doubt, and for that I am grateful.

    Have a good rest and do consider coming back eventually!

  12. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Thank you for all the thought and heart you’ve put into this blog. Several entries came at providential times and helped to steer me through some knotty vocational and personal decicions. Now I’ll have a bit more time to read your books (and you’ll have a bit more time to write more books).

  13. Preston

    Dr. Stackhouse,
    I do appreciate your blog, too. I resonate with those who say that your words have been a help for those of us who wish to think more clearly about faith, politics, and culture. Enjoy your rest, and please return when you can.

  14. Verity3

    I don’t post here much (have I ever?), but this is one of my favorite blogs. It has helped me through a season of much-needed growth. Enjoy the holidays.

    (Argh. I was about to not wish you a happy anything because of the PC dilemma. Forgot where I was for a moment.)

    I would love for my husband to call me Ezer. (Hey, anything’s better than Gomer.)

  15. Neil

    I will miss your blog, enjoyed the manner in which it was written, I have learn’t different thing’s and thoroughly enjoyed your post’s on topics like contemporary music.
    thanks alot!

  16. Jon Rising

    Wow, John! You must have a LOT of Christmas cards to write and presents to wrap — holidays that start on November 7?!?! Methinks you are the Johnny Carson of theologians. Just kidding … have a productive, yet restful break and thanks for all the constructive mental provocation. You have made me boiling mad … and you have made me better, as well. Thanks.

  17. Margaret Manning

    John – while I don’t often make public posts on these fabulous blog discussions, I read them with great interest and I am a BIG PROMOTER

  18. Margaret Innes Manning

    John – you will be greatly missed! While I don’t often post public responses, I have read this blog with great interest for several years. I am a big promoter of you, and your books, so that will not change. You deserve a sabbatical and a hiatus from the blogosphere. Many blessings to you as you enjoy some sabbath rest.

  19. brgulker

    While I understand, I will miss your posts. I hope you enjoy your sabbatical. I will look forward to your posts when you return.

  20. Keith Shields

    I wonder if we might tempt you to come out of blog sabbatical to write a blog about the recent Munk Debate between Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens? I would really like to hear what you thought of the debate.

  21. poetreehugger

    (Just checking to see “whether anyone’s home”, and hoping for a revival of this blog.) Merry Christmas!

  22. Derasmus


    I hope you come back soon too! I’ve really appreciated the way you addressed the last video and I was wondering if you could weigh in on this exegesis (eisegesis?) of Driscoll’s:

    • John Stackhouse

      I think I’ll leave this one alone. Brother Driscoll’s interpretation is easily checked against standard commentaries and seems to me to be farfetched.


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