Two Cheers for Darwin on His Birthday

My second post for “Holy Post” at The National Post–no, only terrible puns can follow from such a start. So let’s just nip that in the bud.

If you’d like to read my brief reflection on theists and Darwinism, please go here.

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  1. Bill Reimer

    In Darwin’s Sacred Cause Adrian Desmond and James Moore argue that the Christian view of monogenesis tied in with the abolitionist views of Darwin’s evangelical and Unitarian forebears were key ingredients in his discoveries. A fascinating book.

  2. poserorprophet

    Dr. Stackhouse,

    I’ve recently been on a bit of a science kick. I’ve been rooting around in astrophysics, quantum mechanics, string theory, Einstein’s theories related to space/time, etc., etc. I’m finding this all absolutely fascinating but am something of a newcomer to this material. However, this post made me remember that you have had a longer interest in the interaction between faith and science, so maybe you could help me with something. Specifically, I’m trying to dig into where all of this leaves us in relation to the development of ‘consciousness’. That is to say, while the various branches of contemporary science are doing an increasingly spectacular job of explaining the origin and development of matter (and even of species), I’m left wondering how the development of all these things actually leads to the existence of beings who possess what we call ‘consciousness’. Now, I know that Daniel Dennett has done some writing on this subject (and I’ve been pretty unimpressed with what he has had to say), so I’m wondering if you could refer me to any Christian authors who address this topic (and who address it well). Any suggestions? If so, fantastic! (And if not, I’ll keep digging.)

  3. John Stackhouse

    #3 Dan, I don’t know much about this area. But I wonder who does: Check out this piece that indicates the scientific study of the emergence of consciousness is not far advanced.


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