Vacation Time!

Yesterday I sent to New York my latest manuscript–about 570 double-spaced pages of a book whose working title is Making the Best of It: Christian Discipleship in the Real World–to be published by Oxford University Press likely early in 2008. I’ve pushed hard to make the June 1 deadline, and I’m going to take some vacation now.

So I’ll leave off blogging for a fortnight. Thanks to the hundreds of you who have been reading and recommending this blog, and to the special few who offer comments!  As I take this time off, I’m going to reflect on this blogging experience (started last December) and seek God’s guidance as to whether to continue. Thanks for praying for me in this regard, if you’re inclined to do so. And I pray for you a fine June, until we connect again here in cyberspace.

0 Responses to “Vacation Time!”

  1. Peter Thurley

    Have a great vacation, and I do hope you will continue blogging once you return. I have enjoyed your insights into Evangelicalism, Politics, Faith and Pop Culture.

  2. Carrie

    Have a great vacation. I hope you keep blogging. I read regularly and often share your thoughts with friends.

  3. Heidi Renee

    I too am so grateful for your blogging voice. I hope you can continue. Have a lovely holiday!

  4. Mattias

    I enjoy and appreciate reading your thoughts on theology and culture. I’ll join the chorus: do continue blogging!

  5. Dan Wilt

    A well-deserved break, John. Thanks for calling it as you see it. We’re all the richer for your eagle eye.

  6. D.Washington

    Congrats on finishing your book. Enjoy your vacation.

    I look forward to seeing you back on the blog scene!

  7. Preston

    I agree, your insights have helped me navigate through these complex and delightful intersections of faith and life. Thanks for sharing with us all!


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