Vancouver House for Sale

As indicated in the previous post, we’re moving, and just a little north of where we live now–across a bridge and up a ravine–to North Vancouver.

Should you, or someone you know, be looking for a family home in Vancouver, please check out our house here and set up a visit with our realtor.

(Yes, this is just the time one wants to be trying to sell a house…. So we’ve priced it as attractively as we can and we hope prospective buyers want to get in before interest rates do whatever they might do in the months ahead…)

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  1. Michel

    Amen to Alan’s comment! To be more geographically precise, I am glad I live on the Quebec side of the NCR. Professor Stackhouse, maybe we can convince you to move East when you are ready to retire! Would love to share a coffee with you sometime, over here in God’s country!


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