Video Clips Galore

Journalist Denise Lodde recently interviewed me and has posted that interview in a bunch of short clips (a couple of which are duplicated at the end of the page!). If you’d like to switch media from blog to vid, here ya go:

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  1. Mark Petersen

    Thanks for this. I will be using one of those clips on my May 11 blog post on the national prayer breakfast.

  2. Peggy

    Great clip on shalom as your favorite word. Flourishing is a wonderful image for that important Hebrew concept.

    My favorite word is chesed — and I have spent the better part of the last 10 years defining that equally important Hebrew concept — the keeping of the covenant by promoting the best interest of the covenant partners. (This basic definition is generally not understood well in the West and I have explained it using concepts from Drs. Mont Smith and Gary Chapman.)

    Anyway, as I was listening to you, it occurred to me that shalom is the end but chesed is the means.

    What I especially have been appreciating over the past 13 years or so is the depths of the Hawaiian word “aloha” — which blends shalom with chesed with simple beauty and power. (There are those who believe the original Hawaiians traced their descendants to the same people from which Abraham descended.)

    Thanks for the prompt!

  3. Dan

    Thanks for sharing those videos. I notice that they are all a minute or so long. You must find that in dealing a lot with the media, and especially “new” media such as this blog, that you need to talk about complex subjects ever more succinctly.

    Do you find this to be a hindrance in communicating about the faith? I have in mind critiques of the media, such as Manufacturing Consent, that point to this need for brevity as one way in which controversial opinions, which aren’t as readily accepted without careful argument, are excluded.



    • John Stackhouse

      Dan, You’re right: Certain messages cannot be communicated properly through certain media. I remember being asked by ABC News to explain why US presidential candidates Bush and Gore were using “Jesus-talk” and not just the customary “God-talk” in their campaigns.

      I gave as brief an answer as I could: 33 seconds. They asked for 18. I can hardly say my own name in 18 seconds, and they ended up not using either my clip or the other expert’s clip after all, since the entire story ran for all of 2 minutes on the evening newscast.

      So one does indeed have to be selective in deciding what to communicate via which medium on which occasion to which audience, et cetera.


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