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Christian Ethics
for Contemporary Culture

Multiple media to help you think better about what matters most, then to live better—and lead better.


Get access to any ThinkBetter webinar for $35/each or get access to every webinar (current and upcoming) for $29/month with our full site membership plans.

Welcome to Thinking Better...

ThinkBetter Webinars equip leaders and earnest disciples
to understand contemporary culture and Christianity better
and then to participate constructively in them.


Description and counsel are grounded in scholarly evidence and argument 


Legitimate options receive genuinely open consideration and treatment 


Analysis and explanation are translated into realistic actionables for both public and private life

*Additional Webinars (both live and recorded) available fall 2023

Front-line scholarship grounds the work we do

Our analysis, explanation and conclusions draws together
information and patterns from several disciplines:

Cultural, Intellectual, & Ecclesiastical History

Philosophy of Knowledge 


Sociology of Religion

Philosophy of Religion



Religious Studies

Historical and Constructive Theology

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